The Campofrío Christmas ad of 2023

December 19, 2023

Metropolitana, in collaboration with the production company Landia, performs the post-production, deep fake and color grading of the Campofrío Christmas ad, titled ”El anuncio de CampofrIA”.

As it is already a tradition, every year Campofrío releases its popular ad starring numerous personalities. On this occasion, they have counted with the presence of Carlos Areces, José Mercé, Alexia Putellas, Eva Navarro, Malena Alterio, Gloria Ramos, Ana Morgade, Fofito, David Nano JR, rappers Bnet and Chuty.

In addition, the ad features three great comedians already disappeared and protagonists of previous campaigns of the brand: Quique San Francisco and Eugenio, through the recreation of their voices, and Chiquito de la Calzada, with an image through the use of deep fake, CGI and AI techniques, developed by Metropolitana.

The aim of the campaign is, according to Campofrío, to help understand the nature and functioning of AI, “reflect on its contribution to society” and convey the message that the tool can be “a great traveling companion as long as it is used well”. And the way to use it well that the campaign shows is by bringing emotion, talent, teamwork and, as is characteristic of Campofrío’s Christmas campaigns, the Spanish way of being Spanish.

Campofrío ~ El anuncio de CampofrIA
Post-production, deep fake and color grading developed by Metropolitana.

Brand: Campofrío
Agency: This is Libre
Production: Landia
Director: Maxi Blanco
DOP: Christos Voudouris
Post-production: Metropolitana
Color Grading: Marc Morató, Dani Granado
VFX Lead: Ñaña González
VFX Artists: Nacho Cepero, Lluisa Cuchillo, Montse Capdevila, Juanra Herrero
Deep Fake: Nacho Cepero, Dani Segura, Nico Roig, Josep Duran, Davide Benetti
Editor: Luna Martín – Miguel Sanz
Sound: La Panadería
Music: BSO