Koipe and the simplicity of good cuisine

September 26, 2023

Koipe 'Me tienes frito'

Metropolitana collaborates with &Rosàs for the development of the post-production and color grading of Koipe’s latest ad, titled ”Me tienes frito”.

At El Publicista, they tell us more about this campaign:

”This campaign, signed by the creative agency &Rosàs, is part of the platform ‘you have a kitchen, you are a cook’, which aims to take the stress out of cooking, demonstrating that there is no single type of cooking, and that it is not necessary to invest a lot of time in it to be able to proclaim yourself a cook.

On this occasion, Koipe also focuses on all those people who criticize survival cooking, who undervalue easy dishes, who believe that you only cook if you cook all day long, who laugh at simple tupperware and mayonnaise in the salad, and who say: “you better take care of the drink”.

In the words of Pilar Merino, Koipe’s brand manager: “We believe that the time has come to confront, always with the humor that characterizes the brand, those “intensitos” who criticize what we call survival cuisine. Until now we have always addressed the “little cooks” by telling them that their cooking is good as it is, but now we are giving them a voice through this campaign, which we believe will not go unnoticed. I’m sure half of Spain will sing the song as it’s very catchy.”

Koipe ~ ¡Me tienes frito! (in english, ‘I’m fed up with you!)

Post-production and color grading by Metropolitana.


Brand | Koipe
Agency | &Rosas
Production | MammaTeam
Director | Juan Flesca
DOP | Barbara Lanzat
Post-production | Metropolitana
VFX Lead | Juanra Herrero
Color Grading | Rubén Galamba
Sound | BSO