”Mexicano Flojo”: Breaking down misguided stereotypes about mexicans

December 15, 2023

Metropolitana, in collaboration with the production company Iconoclast and the agency GUT Mexico City, developed the color grading for Corona’s ”Mexicano Flojo” piece, which continues to promote the “Mexico Manda” campaign, where the brand seeks to contribute positively to the transformation of Mexican culture and challenge misperceptions.

The story behind the creative idea of the piece is very curious, and is told in detail in Merca20:

Alexa Grasso, Mexican mixed martial arts champion, is the protagonist of “Mexicano Flojo,” as she personifies the determination and strength that characterize those born in Mexico in their struggle to break down stereotypes and achieve their goals.

The origin of the image of the “Loose Mexican” goes back to a sculpture entitled “The Thought”, created by artist Romulo Rozo in the 1930s. This work was first exhibited at the National Library and was originally intended to represent a Mexican reflecting after an exhausting workday. However, a joke distorted its meaning, turning it into a negative stereotype.

In a press release, the creative directors of Gut Mexico City, José Mario Muñoz and Rodrigo Del Oso, highlight the importance of challenging this stereotype that has affected Mexican society for years. They state that “El Mexicano Flojo” was born in honor of a Mexican worker, and the campaign aims to remind us that millions constantly defy this misperception and demonstrate their true ability.

Corona ~ Mexicano Flojo
Color grading developed by Metropolitana.

Brand: Corona
Agency: Gut Mexico City
Production: Iconoclast
Director: Fernando Nogari
DOP: Pierre de Kerchove
Color grading: Ruben Galamba Gil