TV3 celebrates its 40th anniversary remembering Pepe Rubianes

January 23, 2024

Last Friday, TV3 celebrated 40 years since its first regular broadcast. To celebrate it, they broadcasted a special program entitled ”40 anys i una nit”, presented by Albert Om and with the participation of many personalities such as Mari Pau Huguet, Joan Pera, Marc Ribas, Carlos Cuevas, Joel Joan, Andreu Buenafuente, Jordi Évole or Rosa Andreu, among others.

The gala began with a monologue by one of the most beloved actors and comedians in the country, the great Pepe Rubianes. This was possible thanks to deepfake, artificial intelligence techniques and all the multidisciplinary team of Metropolitana.

We leave you some videos showing, on the one hand, the beginning of the gala and the credits of the special program ”40 anys i una nit” to honor the 40 years of TV3, with the appearance of Pepe Rubianes; and on the other hand, a report and an interview that TV3 did to Metropolitana, to talk about the techniques we use to carry out the deepfake.

Start of the gala ‘’40 anys i una nit’’

Credits of the gala ‘’40 anys i una nit’’

Story ”Pepe Rubianes Deepfake”

Interview ”Pepe Rubianes Deepfake”