Pikolin keeps its hopes alive on its 75th anniversary

February 19, 2024

Metropolitana collaborates with the production company Bambina and the agency Oriol Villar for the post-production and color grading of the latest Pikolin ad designed to celebrate its 75th anniversary, entitled ”6:29” and which continues the campaign ”Do something that takes your sleep away”.

Pikolin is a Spanish manufacturer of mattresses, bed bases and rest products with its headquarters located in Zaragoza, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary. To celebrate it, they have decided to make a special piece focused on the hope of childhood and on their website they explain this action:

At Pikolin we are celebrating our 75th anniversary by reinforcing our brand purpose with an invitation to face the future with enthusiasm.

“6:29” highlights the importance of keeping alive the illusion that we have innate since we were children.

Why is it that as we grow up we let our illusions die? The only way to grow up, to live our passions and to be fully happy is to keep alive the illusions we have since we were children. In 2024 we are looking to the future, giving the spotlight to children who still have intact the illusion that will turn them into passionate people.

At Pikolin, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary with more enthusiasm than ever. Because the illusions of today will be our passions of tomorrow.

Pikolin – 6:29 | Haz algo que te quite el sueño

Post-production and color grading by Metropolitana.


Agency: OriolVillar
Production: Bambina
Director: Oriol Villar
DOP: Beth Rourich
Post-production: Metropolitana
VFX Artist: Xavi Bertrán
Color Grading: Marc Morató
Editor: Lluis Murúa