The Prada cinematic universe gets botanical with its latest campaign

November 9, 2023

Metropolitana developed the post-production and color grading of one of the pieces that are part of the latest Prada campaign for Fashion Week 2023.

The Italian brand itself explains the creativity and inspiration for the concept of the campaign:

In images captured by Willy Vanderperre, the cast converses with these unlikely flowers. An impossible sequence of surreal conversations unfolds between these figures and the flowers, a literal and visual dialogue. Just as these conversations are paradoxical, the flower is a dichotomy: fragile and strong at the same time, precious and everyday, ephemeral and eternal, each one unique. Metaphor of humanity, used as an outward expression of our thoughts and feelings, we can find a synergy between flowers and an embodiment of human experience, always implicit, here concretized. A real emotion, evoked through these seemingly unreal images.


Prada ~ FW23 Campaign. Collateral Fashion Film

Post-production and color grading by Metropolitana.


Brand: Prada

Agency: Ferdinando Verderi Studio

Production: New Systems

Director: Willy Vanderperre

DOP: Willy Vanderperre

Post-production: Metropolitana

Color Grading: Dani Granado

VFX Lead: Montse Capdevila

VFX Artists: Ñaña González & Nacho Cepero

Sound: Massive Attack