Ramon Arteman talks about AI at La Roca Village Talks

November 16, 2023

The director of Metropolitana, Ramon Arteman, has attended as a guest to a talk on Artificial Intelligence in the tenth meeting of the ”Building Futures” cycle, which is part of La Roca Village Talks.

The main topic of the conversation was Artificial Intelligence as a new way to create.

La Roca Village Talks is a program in which a series of monthly talks are held with different topics and guests, who are referents in each of the subjects to be discussed. Its name comes from the organization that promotes it and the place where it is held, La Roca Village, a shopping center with the appearance of a small village in Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, Barcelona.

In addition to Ramon Arteman, other professionals also attended, such as Montse Guardia, President of the Social Council of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia or Ariadna Arnès, photographer specialized in documentary photography and in creating art using Artificial Intelligence as a tool; among others. The talk was moderated by Bibiana Ballbè Serra, founder of TheCreative agency.

Regarding AI, first, all the speakers identified and shared what is meant by artificial intelligence today. In addition, there was a discussion on what fields it is used in and why it is such a significant advance. This topic was also approached from different perspectives: the first, thinking about how it affects daily life and whether or not this is positive; the second, from creativity, what it implies that artificial intelligence can be applied to the field of fashion, film, music, art, etc; and the third, thinking about the future, also taking into account (if there are any) the limits of this technology, and what we will find in a few years.