Sabritas and Netflix take inspiration from Zack Snyder for their latest campaign

April 2, 2024

Metropolitana collaborates with production company PRIMO and director Nico Pérez Veiga for the color grading of the latest Sabritas + Rebel Moon (PepsiCo and Netflix) ad, titled ”Invasion”.

The publication Expreso tells us all about this piece:

”Invasion” is a five-minute short film inspired by ‘Rebel Moon’, a film by Zack Snyder, whose plot takes place in the potato plantations of the Yaqui Valley, where a group of farmers face the arrival of ships from the empire that threaten their harvest.

In this project, not only Sonora’s landscapes stand out, but also its inhabitants, since several people from Cajamarca participated in this short film, showing the world the beauty and cultural richness of southern Sonora, Mexico.

Invasion ~ Sabritas® + Rebel Moon | PepsiCo & Netflix
Color grading by Metropolitana.

Clients: PepsiCo and Netflix
Agency: Slap Global
Production: PRIMO
Director: Nico Pérez Veiga
DOP: Steve Annis
Color Grading: Marc Morató
Editor: Alejo Hoijman