Sony x Peso Pluma: the first brand partnership for Mexican artist

April 22, 2024

Metropolitana collaborated with production company La Tara TV and director Willy Rodríguez in the development of the post-production and color grading of the new Sony ad with Peso Pluma included in the ”For The Music” campaign.

Billboard tells us more about this collaboration:

Sony Corporation of America’s personal entertainment business division announced last February a partnership between rising global star Peso Pluma and Sony’s audio branding campaign, ”For The Music.” This collaboration marks the first brand partnership for Peso.

With “For The Music,” Sony is “ratifying itself as the leading audio brand that connects music creators and consumers, with the goal of creating authentic music experiences and transcending emotion for fans through their personal electronics,” according to a press release announcing the agreement.

ULT POWER SOUND series x Peso Pluma
Post-production and color grading by Metropolitana.

Agency: Buena Vibra
Production: La Tara TV
Director: Willy Rodríguez
DOP: Rafael Reparaz
Post-production: Metropolitana
VFX Lead: Montse Capdevila
Color grading: Rubén Galamba
Editor: Daniel Etura