”Un mechón de pelo”, TINI’s fifth album

April 9, 2024

Metropolitana collaborated with the production company CANADA, with the director Bàrbara Farré and the cinematographer Lucas Casanovas, for the development of the color grading of the trailer and the first three videoclips for the songs ”Pa”, ”Posta” and ”Buenos aires” of TINI’s new album ”Un mechón de pelo”.

In Infobae they tell us all about her new album:

Tini Stoessel promised and delivered. The artist has been making different interventions to promote her fifth album, Un mechón de pelo, which will be definitively released on April 11.

The video clip of ”Pa” was released on April 2, in which she brings out her most intimate side by delving into the hospitalization of Alejandro Stoessel, her father, in March 2022 due to a stomach hemorrhage that had him on the verge of death. This is the first creative piece of ”Un mechón de pelo”, his next album, where it seems that it will mark a moment of greater maturity and introspection in his life.

On the other hand, this past April 5th, she released ”Posta”, the second video clip of this new album where the Argentinean singer faces criticism and addresses those who got into her life. In this piece, she is seen crossing a bridge wearing the same clothes she wore in the clip for ”Pa”. And after a transformation, she appears with long blonde hair.

TINI ~ Un mechón de pelo (trailer)
Color grading by Metropolitana.

Color grading by Metropolitana.

TINI ~ Posta
Color grading by Metropolitana.

TINI ~ Buenos Aires
Color grading by Metropolitana.

Production: CANADA
Director: Bàrbara Farré
DOP: Lucas Casanovas
Editor: Ona Bartrolí
Music Video Producer: Anna Bacardit
Head of Music Videos: Callum Harrison
Art Director: Teresa Montanuy
Production Manager: Yago López Abril
Assistant Director: Rodrigo Molleda
Stylist: Dav Martens
Hairstylist: Zacarías Guedes
Make Up: Barbarita Juri
Editor: Ona Bartrolí
Post-production: Álvaro Posadas & Marta Ferrero
Post-production Coordination: Javier Botella & Marina M. Campomanes
Color grading: Marc Morató
Sound Design: Biel Blancafort
Graphic Design: Studio Albert Romagosa
Production Coordinator: Rocío Martínez
Production Assistant: Paula Ceregido
Production Assistant Support: Alfonso Estrada, Jai Fernández, Javi Hernando, Daniel Racero