”Victoria 285”: what we have left to achieve equality

September 29, 2023

Metropolitana has collaborated with the production company Roma and the agency Leo Burnett, for the client AXA, developing the postproduction, both VFX and CGI as well as color grading, of this vindictive piece entitled ”Victoria 285”.

Firstly, we were presented with the challenge of aging the actress, from youth to advanced old age. In order to develop it, we started with two shootings: one with a young actress and the other with an older actress. We had to both rejuvenate and age both actresses in order to develop the sequence of the passing of time that we were looking for in the piece. All these sequences had to be adjusted exactly so that the transitions were as clean as possible.

We developed this technique with AI work, in addition to the classic post-production elements such as retouching, color correction, composition, etc. To specify, we used different AI tools, which we combined with CGI and compositing to reach the desired result and obtained a technically flawless piece.

Finally, on its website, AXA tells us a little more about the campaign:

The road traveled by women throughout history to achieve equality has been, and continues to be, full of ups and downs, of advances and setbacks, also marked by the region of the world in which we find ourselves.

Despite all this progress towards a more egalitarian society, we have a long way to go. According to UN data, it is estimated that child marriage will not be completely eradicated until 2030. Equal global representation in parliaments could take another 40 years and, according to the World Economy Forum, it will take around 131 years to close the wage gap.

So, as Victoria says, if we continue at this rate, the end of gender inequality will not be reached for another 285 years. In other words, if our society continues to evolve at this rate, for a girl born in 2023, it will take almost three centuries to live in a world without risks associated with being a woman.

Reducing these predictions and changing the situation is in our hands. Let’s do everything we can to make this generation the first to enjoy gender equality. Join Victoria, let’s make it happen.

AXA ~ Victoria 285. Being a woman should not be a risk.

Postproduction (VFX and CGI) and color grading by Metropolitana.


Brand: AXA
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production: Roma
Director: Claudia Costafreda
DOP: Luis Guijarro
Post-production: Metropolitana
Color Grading: Marc Morató – Ruben Galamba
VFX Lead: Xavi Bertran
VFX Artists: Dani Segura – Gabriel Garrido
AI CGI Lead: Nico Roig
AI CGI: Josep Duran – Dani Segura
Sound: The Lobby