Viva Suecia goes all red

April 24, 2024

Metropolitana collaborated with the production company Born for the development of the color grading of Viva Suecia’s latest videoclip, titled ”La Orilla”.

This song is the first single of the band since their last LP in 2022. As Rolling Stones Spain says, ”on a melodic level, ‘La Orilla’ is marked by characteristic elements of Viva Suecia. The song is sustained by the presence of guitars, generating an enveloping sound, with a line of synthesizers that accompanies them. Along with the premiere comes its respective visual treatment, where we see the band performing the song from the beach under a powerful red light, adding a cinematographic touch to the clip”.

Viva Suecia ~ La Orilla
Color grading by Metropolitana.

Production: Born at Lagence
Director: Alberto Van Stokkum
DOPs: Ángel López Miranda and Carlota Cascón Ferrándiz
Color grading: Rubén Galamba
Editor: Karlos Sanz